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The FREE IPLOGER application is a practical tool for managing links that you share on social networks.

This reduces the URL and makes it easier to save and share. With the free Jagger IPL application, you can access logins and complete statistics for all clicks on your link, which have been summarized in the application or on the iplogger.com website.

Webmasters and bloggers can use the free Jagger IPL application to create accounts and IP counters for web pages to monitor visitor logs and detailed demographics, including location, device identification, including web service providers, IP addresses, arrival dates and times.

IPLOGER Features Free Application
Automatic pop-up notifications when a new URL is copied to the clipboard with the option to click on the shortcut click
Prepare Applegar counters and IP informants for the website, collect complete visitor statistics
See detailed log
Check the URL for the redirect
See all the loggers you made on the iplogger.com website
Use an account from iplogger.com

Types of loggers available:
Short URL and Image URL
Invisible IP logger
IP counters and informants for webmasters and website owners

The clipboard monitoring feature for copying the new URL of the clipboard makes it easy for this amazing application to reduce clicks and share URLs from any application or browser.

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Note: Please read the T&C and Disclaimer carefully before using the Jagger IPL Free Application and make sure you do not abuse local laws. Do not use

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