Kiwi Browser for Android – APK Download –

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Kiwi Browser for Android – APK Download –

Kiwi Browser is designed to surf the Internet, read news, watch videos and listen to music without interruption.

Explore calmly.

Based on Kiwi Chromium and WebKit, this engine powers the most popular browsers in the world so you don’t get lost.

We hope you enjoy kiwis like us.

Note: We have a Dispose (chat) community where you can discuss developments and share ideas:

Main feature:
CHR is based on the best chromium

page Great page loading speed
Thanks to our highly specialized rendering engine, we can quickly display web pages.

The ad blocker is very powerful and removes the most annoying ads
(You can activate it in settings, ads, or use the extension of your choice)

★ Superpower popup blocker that really works

Cryptojacking protection
The first Android browser to stop hackers from using your device in cryptocurrency mines

Open Facebook Facebook Messenger Messenger
Go to and chat with your friends without installing the FB application.

Night mode with special contrast and gray format.
100% contrast = pure AMOLED black (really kills pixels) – Recommended!
101 ٪ contrast = pure black + white AMOLED text

the address bar below the address bar

Manage Websites that appear on the homepage
Long press to move or delete tiles, click [+] to add a new website.

Disable AMP (Settings, Privacy)

o Block annoying notifications

Translated into 60 languages.

Bookmarks / Export Bookmarks.

Custom download folder
Select where to save the file that you downloaded.
Note: In some versions of Android, when you delete an application, Android also deletes your downloads.
Note if you manipulate the Kiwi (in a backup bookmark file) or switch to another device.

Many support many extensions


Advanced user:
If you want to open a link through an external application, you can pause the link, or change the default settings in Settings, Access.

To add a new search engine, open your favorite search engine, search for something, then open Settings, Search Engine.


The Kiwi browser is brand new, and still tried. If you experience problems, bugs, or just want to say hello to the race, please help us by sending us a short email

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Made in Estonia

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