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# 1 Battle Royale Mobile Game! Winter times at Ridge Gear

Nikon’s Ground Battle is formally designed for cell phones. Play for free anytime, anywhere. Mobile Pub offers free multiplayer action for very fast games on mobile. Get down, get ready and compete. Classic War 100 season instant player, cargo mode with 4v4 team death and high speed zombie mode. Security is the key to success. During the call, shoot at will!

Best cell phone game of the year 2018. Prim Gold Joystick
The best game, the favorite game of the fans, the most competitive game. Google Play Awards 2018

“Really amazing.” IGN
“Really good.” – Pocket gameplay
“Return the player” – Deputy

Free for mobile. Supported by Unreal Engine. Play quality console on the go. Bring flow 3D graphics and 3D sound. Adjustable cell control features, training formats, and voice chat. Experience very smooth control and realistic ballistic behavior of mobile weapons.

Four Massio battles – from Erangel Miramar, from Vakindi to Sinhouk, compete in large and detailed battlefields of different sizes, regions, day / night niches, th and dynamic weather – from cities or towns to frozen tundra, Master dance forest, the secret of every battlefield. Develop your own strategy to win.

Depth and Variety – From the classic 100 player mode, fast arcade and death team to match 4V4 mode, as well as a fun charge mode for intense zombie mode. For everyone! Let everyone Play solo, duo and 4 player squad. Shoot your weapon as you wish .. Become a wolf soldier or play in the tribe and answer the duty voice when help is needed! FPS (first person shooter) and TPS (third person shooter) offer games, the game has enough cars for all different regions and realistic weapons. Find your perfect ride to discover the last circle!


Always on the go – daily events and challenges with monthly updates that bring new features and methods that keep PUBG MOBILE developing. Our strong and serious approach to making false ensures a proper and balanced sports environment where everyone follows this rule.

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