Advantage TVS Online App For An Andriod Phone

By | January 24, 2021

Advantage TVS Online App For An Andriod Phone

TVS is a one-stop platform for retailers, distributors or individuals / end users. This is a fully loaded home app from myTVS – India’s most reputable brand of auto parts and accessories. MyTVS has twice been named India’s Best Car Accessories Brand by Times Now, ET and Moody Awards.

Advantage TVS Online App

Advantage TVS Online App

Registration process for dealers:

  • Download the app and enter your details
  • Call us at 8010241024 to confirm
  • Approve the registration.

And you will be notified via TVS email within 24 hours. Users have instant access to login without registration process.

Key App Benefits:

  1. Wide range of products with best price
  2. Portfolio created with categories
  3. Easy order placement
  4. Order timely order updates
  5. Special Deals, Discounts and Offers
  6. Extra cashback and loyalty point
  7. Product pre-launch and launch of information
  8. Company updates and much more.

TVS ARIVE is an exciting augmented re ality (AR) application designed to give you an in-depth experience. Save enables you to find the bike of your dreams in a unique way. You can find the bike in a virtual environment or 3D, where you can get a detailed view of the 360 ​​360 or scan a real TVS bike using your smartphone. Take a closer look at the key features of the bike and get an in-depth understanding of the bike that will give you a happy experience.


How it works?

You can view the bike in 3 ways. Put the virtual bike in its real environment using the camera of your supported smartphone. Use your AR camera-assisted smartphone camera to scan the real bike and learn more about it. To scan, hold your device’s camera in front of your motorcycle.

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Switch to 3D mode and watch the bike in attractive surroundings.

Features that make ARIVE a unique app in the field of AR applicationS.

Always trust, always:

300+ products | Warranty Promise | Quality Assurance | Dedicated customer support | Value for money | Presence of Pan India.



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