Credit Book App Best Udhar Khata Application Pakistan

By | October 26, 2020

Credit Book App Best Udhar Khata Application Pakistan

This app is your digital sour / credit ledger, with which you can manage the credits and transactions of all your customers through your smartphone. With your own customer phone book, you can easily record valuable information about your customers, such as names, phone numbers, and more, so you can communicate with them without interruption. Store all your customers on credit, and even at home.

Credit Book App

Credit Book App

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Gone are the days when everyone had to remember the amount borrowed to hold the old speech book – now, you’ve lifted the debt heavily for you.

Why choose an Oscar loan?

No surprise charges, and no extra fees – it’s 100% free. Free SMS reminder to your customer on each entry. You can add notes to the entries you make. Get free weekly / monthly reports. Send customized notifications to your users. It’s fast, so you and your store never fall behind

With this easy-to-use platform, you can store your store accounts on the go or on the go. Have a problem? Don’t worry- our support team will help 24/7


Interesting features include:

  • Protect your users’ data 100 secure 24/7
  • Dial up or send SMS updates to remind your customers of their loan amount
  • Auto backup and update
  • Add, edit, and remove users to your customer phonebook without interruption
  • Update and update the loan amount separately for all your customers with just a few taps
  • Record the rest of the credit in real time, so you’re always up to date

How Oscar Adhar replaced the old book.

In the days when Khattabok was the only option to manage the daily khat, you could only maintain the customer pole and add customer information to other pages.

This process makes it really difficult for business owners to manage sour. Well, not now. The borrowed app revitalizes your old and traditional system by instantly adding and updating entries, running accounts correctly and easily adding notes for each transaction.

Download the Oscar Borrower app now, and say goodbye to the hassle of arranging enrollment with your daily pick, ledger, pen and paper.


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