How To Add Gesture Screen Lock On Your Phone

By | December 5, 2020

How To Add Gesture Screen Lock On Your Phone

Gesture Lock Screen and App Lock Presentation Gesture Prefer app. Lock for those who open their gesture silently close it for boring password or any reason.

How To Add Gesture Screen Lock

How To Add Gesture Screen Lock

And for all those who want a special creative application, close the application to start. In shortcut navigation (address) from one program to another, just pull the finger (motion) on your Android device with a finger gesture.

Lock Screen Hint Lock Screen and App Lock: Lock Screen Every time a signature is generated and adjusted, your password with your signature is stored in the lock screen as a lock screen. You can drag and record each item as a symbol of a star, heart, triangle, square, strapping, etc., or you can use any numeric number or its signature as a password.

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Presentation Gesture Lock Screen Password Silently opens all your favorite applications that are connected to a fast password or any purpose and some creative applications want and close this application.

With its finger gesture reduction, just move from one program to another by pointing your finger at your device. Hint for Silence The lock screen password opens all your favorite applications that attach fast passwords or any purpose and whatever. Attach creative application and application to get started.

Main Features:

  • Unlock with gestures, fingerprints.
  • Keypad lock screen: Enter a 4 ~ 8 digit PIN to unlock
  • Keep track of intruders
  • Disable system default lock screen to avoid multiple locks (new)
  • Change your indicator matching difficulty level (new)
  • Very beautiful and crystallized wallpaper in the lock screen to choose the background as well as the gallery to choose from
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  • Set lock screen wallpaper from app or select wallpaper from gallery.

Signature Lock Screen Features: –

Customize the recovered password (4 to 8 digit password) in the hint lock screen. Create any signature, letter, number, etc. In one fell swoop without lifting any finger and styling.

Display app notifications on the lock screen: unread messages, missed calls, music player, alarm.

Use your saved signature and tph signatures as your lock screen password.

Edit Password Signature Draw (Signature Lock Screen). Choose your favorite wallpaper from 20 HD wallpapers or gallery for lock screen. Adjust your text on the screen lock with font and color adjustments. Enter the recovery password to disable screen lock.

Battery Percentage Indicator:

Set a user’s ringtone as unlock, lock, error sound. Set your favorite photo as the background of the signature lock screen. Customize the recovered password (4-digit password) in the signature lock screen.

Launched his application in a new track by drawing a signature on the screen.Display app notifications on the lock screen.

In-app purchase to remove ads is available. If you can’t log in with your PIN code or PIN password, please restart your phone and try again. Install our application touch lock screen,

What is unexpected for someone will greatly improve the security of your phone. Touch Photo Position Password sets your favorite theme as a lock screen.

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Unread messages, missed calls, music player, alarm.



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