How to Connect WiFi Without Password On Your Phone

By | August 16, 2021

How to Connect WiFi Without Password On Your Phone

Wi-Fi is about the wireless medium of the network that is based on the radio waves to work. Wi-Fi allows the fastest internet connectivity beyond any wire connection. The WiFi morpheme is a short form of wireless fidelity.

3 easiest ways?

A Wi-Fi passcode is like a sword with two edges. This is important as it retains unwanted people to connect to your Wi-Fi. Because at the same time, we are known for the inconvenience of friends and relatives who demand a Wi-Fi passcode.

This can be unusual, to the extent that we often do not remember our personal Wi-Fi passcodes. Not only that, but it can still be annoying for the unknown to spread a wide range of alpha numbers.

In addition, there is a clear concern about security. Immediately, later to provide a friend or relative of your Wi-Fi passcode, they see what kind of security codes you can use at this time. With your email address or more personal accounts, as you may realize, this could put your security at a security deposit.

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Do you want your relatives to access your Wi-Fi without knowing the passcode?

Completely, the great Wi-Fi creators are fully aware of the obvious hassles that arise with passcodes, which protect your Wi-Fi connection.

Immediately they discriminated against your Wi-Fi for not having a passcode. There is also the issue of strategies that may allow you to give your Wi-Fi access to your relatives with the codes you absolutely do not have.

Keep in mind, we have a combined index of 3 real ways you can allow your friends and relatives to access Wi-Fi without a password.

WI-FI Access, Operating WI-FI Secure Setup (WPS):

WPS is a security point that operates on networks running the WPA Private or WPA2 Private Safety Protocol.

So, what can help you access Wi-Fi without a passcode?

Well, even if the Wi-Fi router is located in the position where the relative has reached, later he can only press the router’s WPS option to access the network. There is no need to enter a passcode and the relative will have instant access to Wi-Fi.

Operating WPS is the most common and smooth way to access Wi-Fi for a long time.

However, you may find that this prevents malicious servers from illegally using your Wi-Fi, which is small in your locations. Only people you really allow in your home / office press WPS and access your Wi-Fi.

However, once this is clear, you will need to set more settings on more mobile devices so that they can access your Wi-Fi via WPC. And to help you out, we’ve got a little bit of a bye-by-bit guide on how to keep this space and Android phone in place, so that WPS can be implemented. Connect Any WiFi Without Password 2021.

Steps to implement this method:

  • Go to your Android phone settings folio.
  • Due to this route to the Network and Net Settings section.
  • Go to the current Wi-Fi configuration and click the Advance button.
  • Here you will see the Connect button via WPS.

This will launch the WPS Fan On protocol. A new activation window will alert you in which the 30 second router WPS protocol will be disabled.

For many routers, there is still no committed WPS key that should be set up on the router’s sticker.

Wi-Fi did not have a passcode, so it was done correctly. At the same time it will stay connected – you will notify the device that it does not remember Wi-Fi.

This way, you can run WPS to access any WiFi without a password. It’s complete, genuine and server friendly.

Have a network of guests through your router:

Connect Any WiFi Without Password 2021


Nearly all Wi-Fi routers have the key to having a guest network. This is different from your real Wi-Fi, which is completely dedicated to your guests.

You can even set up a guest network as it requires a Wi-Fi passcode or you can run a simple passcode as “01234789” which is easy to share.

* However, with which it is predicted, even if you leave the guest network without a passcode, make sure that more or less no one has access to the network and they are not connected to it. Connect Any WiFi Without Password 2021 Which will slow down the full speed of the network. You must remember when using the guest network.

* It is more suitable in closed office rooms. Immediately, your office space is surrounded by heavy walls that make it difficult for Wi-Fi signals to pass through. So, you don’t have to worry about using unknown people.

* That way, you can set up a guest network without a passcode for customers entering your office. And best of all, the guest network will allow the entire device to connect to your network.

Steps to follow this trick:

You must first access the router’s Internet Protocol address in the address space.

  1. At this point, run your head credentials to sign in to the router.
  2. Access the guest network button. The location of the button will change depending on the creator of your router. Also, there may be an isolated setting or you may need to look under the wireless settings.
  3. Allow the guest network to enter the name of the guest network and create a passcode that you can exit to create as a free Wi-Fi network.
  4. Also switch to a setting that allows you to speed up the guest network modem.
  5. At this point, you can send your customers / friends to the guest network so they can access any Wi-Fi passcode.

Surrogate Password with QR Password:

Did you feel that you can surrogate your WI-FI passcode with QR code.

The process of following this method:

Here’s a little lead to allow your guest to access your Wi-Fi without a passcode to run the medium.

View QR Goods Portal.

You will see an index of buttons of various data types. Select Wi-Fi Sign In.

Further, select the type of network from the push down set menu.

Preferably, you can also choose custom colors for beautiful QR codes.

Once completed, the webpage will generate a QR code based on the information provided.

You can then stick a special piece of paper on the wall / table if you wish.

Guests can access the QR Code Scanner notification on their mobile and access your network through the QR Code Scanner application. The only problem is that any device that does not have a camera will not be able to access your network running this strategy.

Perform /Finish:

Thus, these were our fast-track guidelines for accessing Wi-Fi without a passcode.

As we have discussed the operating WPS technique is a safe and smooth way to distribute to our customers and guests.

Furthermore, even if their devices are able to support the WPS level, they must present a QR code strategy as it still offers a standard of safety and hold.

Having a dedicated network of guests is a long way to go as you will get a lot of non-official servers coming close to your network due to lack of secure passcode.



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