Html Tags || Html Elements

Html elements is the building block of html document of a web page.Html elements consist of html tags such as opening html tag and closing html tag.
<html> // Opening Tag
Html Document
</html> // Closing Tag

Image Tag:

Html Image Tag is use to display image in html document.The compulsory attribute for html image is path of image.
<img src="scene.png" alt="Image of Scene">

Link Tag:

Html tags  use in order to create link on web page,On clicking the link it will let you to that page given in its href( hyperlink ).
<a href="">Google</a>



Button Tag:

In order to make button, html button tag is used.
<button onclick="alert('Hello World')">Click Here</button>


Form Tag:

Html Form is mechanism through which we can get some information from user through web page.Html form consist of method and action attributes.Method will specify the mechanism of traveling information and action tells the file name where to pass information.
<form method="GET" action="login.php">
<!--Html form contorls--Look Html form Post -->

Select Tag:

For selecting the one specific item from the drop-down,html select is used.In <select> Tag each item is inclose in <option> Tag.
        <option value="Bike">Bike</option>
        <option value="Car">Car</option>
        <option value="Truck">Truck</option>
        <option value="Cycle">Cycle</option>


Textarea Tag:

Html textarea Tag generally use to gain lengthy information from user.It consist of rows and cols which define its area.
 <textarea rows="5" cols="10">
        As our goal is to make easy web development content which can easily understand by the students.


Header Tag:

Html Header Tag is use to describe the Header component of web page such as Navbar.
<!--Navbar of web page-->

Footer Tag:

Html Footer Tag is use to describe the bottom component which consist of generally Copyright detail and Navbar.
<!--Bottom Navbar of Web Page-->

List Tag:

Html List has two flavours,one is ordered list and the another is unordered list. <li> Tag is for each item under html list Tag.

Ordered List:

Html ordered list give numbers to all the items in ascending order.It use <ol> Tag.


  1. John
  2. Mark
  3. Bean
  4. Billy

Unordered List:

Html unordered list will list the items with bullets.It use <ul> Tag.


  • Day
  • Week
  • Night
  • Noon

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