WiFi Manager Apk For Android Free Latest Version 

By | January 15, 2021

WiFi Manager Apk For Android Free Latest Version

WiFi Manager router page, check the devices connected to your Wi-Fi. Troubleshoot your network problems and the best network Demonstrate performance. Including the world’s most popular and favorite Network Toolkit Router Tool.

WiFi Router Manager Voice which uses my Wi-Fi connection. Will find your easiest gateway, set up whatever your router page is. And your WiFi Router opens the admin page directly and searches for the router’s username and password in the database. (Offline) via your router model.

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A powerful WiFi network monitor for detecting and optimizing the strength of Wi-Fi signals.

With a series of special functions: security check, signal boost, speed boost. This Wi-Fi monitor can analyze the status of existing network signals and search for available Wi-Fi around you. Enabling any Android smartphone to find an open Wi-Fi network and connect to it automatically.

WiFi Manager Features:

  • View full Wi-Fi details with MAC address, IP address
  • Ping directly with WiFi
  • All routers default identity and password details offline
  • Who are the tools for information of any website or IP address
  • Direct WiFi Speed ​​Tracker (upload and download)
  • Direct access to your device’s Wi-Fi list.
  • Router configuration with step-by-step address

You can choose to save the most frequently used network, and it will be connected next time. As far as Wi-Fi spy detection is concerned, it can scan and detect devices connected to the WLAN.


Free and safe to use:

Freely connect or disconnect any available Wi-Fi by simply tapping. Wi-Fi information and encryption, SSL and DNS hijacking. Check fraud to tell the app the security status. Improve the connected network. Tap Signal Boost to calibrate the wireless module and improve the network connection. To run the app, tap SpeedBoost to speed up the network process. The app running “Net Monitor” can monitor network usage.

List of available WiFi:

Clearly list free WiFi and password required WiFi, tap the attached WiFi to see status, speed, security and IP address.

  1. Features of WiFi Network Monitor
  2. Signal Strength Meter – Analyzer and WiFi Net Scanner
  3. Find and monitor devices and apps in the connected network
  4. Additional functions – control and adjust the data plan, your monthly data usage plan
  5. Improve signal and speed
  6. Simple and smooth interface, full function, perfect design



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